Dinner Plates

Dinners include ‘chips’, tartar sauce, and choice of coleslaw, macaroni salad, or applesauce
Red Plate
(Haddock Pieces)
$7.95 Pac Plate
(Frozen Haddock Filet)
Blue Plate
(Haddock pieces and Scallops)
$8.99 Yankee Plate
(Fried Clams)
Gold Plate
$9.65 Guppy Plate
(Kid-sized Red)
Pink Plate
(Fried Shrimp)
$6.79 Baked Plate
(Any Fish)**
Red $7.95
Pac $7.15
**The Red, Pac, and Guppy Plates can be baked instead of fried, as well as the fish for the Blue Plate.


Sodas $1.00 Ice Tea & Lemonade $1.45
Choc. Milk (Pint) $1.40 Choc/White Milk (1/2 Pint) $0.89
Frozen HI-C & Lemonade $1.50 Assorted Juices $1.45
Bottled Water & Apple Cider $1.25 Coffee/Tea $0.89
Domestic and Import Beers Available