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  1. Greetings my Friend,
    My wife and I love coming to Oswego’s Rudy’s at least once a month to eat. We also love buying their hot souse to bring home with us. It is great to be a part of this community here in Oswego County.
    Franklin McQuaid

    • Michelle says:

      I think Rudy’s is a great place to eat at. I have been going there for 8 years ever since I started camping at Sunset RV park. It has been great camping there and going to Rudy’s and going to Oswego. I will only go to Oswego to go camping and fishing. I have such a great time there. We have so many memories that I don’t even know where to start when I tell my friends. My favorite memory is when my uncle came back from Iraq

  2. Ray Payne says:

    I moved away from the Oswego area about 16 years ago and now live in Columbia TN, about 50 miles south of Nashville. The biggest thing I and my whole family miss is going to Rudy’s for the “red or blue plate” as we often did for over 17 years. Certainly, the best fish around.

    I found a place where I can purchase frozen haddock filets and I have a small deep fryer. I have tried for a couple years to get the taste right, but I’m still not getting it right.

    Do you sell your fish fry batter? If not, can your share your receipe with me (I’m 67 years old and not going into business to sell fish!!). I currently am using Zatarain’s Crispy Southern and it’s not terribly bad, but it’s just not the same. I don’t make a batter with it, I just use it out of the box as is and do a “shake and bake type” coating with it.

    We have only been back to the area a couple times in the past 16 years, but we make it a point to to head up there and get a fish plate whenever we are in the area.
    Hope you can help at least a little. Thanks So Much


  3. kenneth milden says:

    Always a treat as a kid in the late 60’s early 70’s when visiting grandma in Oswego, to go “out on the loop.” We’d skip rocks while we waited for our food… (which always came too fast.) I remember a visit when my request to dad, for me to get the ” fish tail” rather than the kids fish, was granted. Wow, was that a sandwhich. I am calling Rudy’s tomorrow, and try to get them to package six of them “to go” and ship them to Melbourne Florida! My last visit to Rudy’s, in the spring of 1988, I came into town from Virginia. I got the assisted living facility to let me take my grandmother out for the afternoon. She was initially happy to “learn” she was someone’s gramma, and when we got to Rudy’s, and sat at a picnic table, she knew EXACTLY were she was. Precious. (pause for affect) And, we ordered two fish tails.

  4. Larry says:

    I have been going to Rudy’s since 2002, when I started coming up to Nine Mile Point. What a great place to enjoy fried fish, sudz, and some of the most spectacular sunsets anywhere!

    I still think it would be great eating a “Red” and guzzling beer in the winter along the sea (Lake) wall – who cares about snow and sub-zero temperatures?

  5. Frank Fisher says:

    From 1951 through 1956 a Rudy and Marie Gadziala (do i have the spelling right?) used to invite the children of the Oswego Children’s Home and the Saint Francis Orphanage for free hot dogs and drinks. It was a great day out for us. The place was very different then as a whole new restaurant has been built since. Once when my dad came to visit us at the Home we took a drive out to the hot dog stand, but summer was over and the place was closed. I have a picture of us in the parking lot with the restaurant out by the road in the background and the lake behind us. Does it sound like the same place?

    • Kathy Boudoin says:

      I bet it’s the same place : ) My Parents were teenagers back then. She said when Rudy’s first opened, it was the first and only “fast food” place around. Everyone went there from all over Oswego and Fulton. She told me about how the Church used to arrange “hay rides” for the teens to go to Rudy’s. My Mom and Dad, Aunts and Uncles used to go there on dates. : ) Now it’s one of my favorite places to visit when I am home.

  6. Jill Creamer says:

    I grew up near Oswego but live in Pennsylvania now. I introduced my husband and children to Rudy’s and make a point to go there when we ‘re in NY visiting my family. We brought my sons girlfriend with us for our 4th of July trip this year and took her to Rudy’s…another generation being primed to keep the tradition alive! I would like to get her a Rudy’s hoodie for Christmas. The web site says I can buy the merchandise online but I can’t find where I can order one. Can anyone help me?

  7. L. Sue Clemons (former owner-Haircuttech) says:

    Rudy’s opened in 1946, I was three, I’ve been going there ever since. Now I live in CA but Rudy’s is the first place I go when I go home, so do my kids and grands. Absolutely the best fish ever!!! Everything else is great too!!!
    Carol, it was wonderful seeing you this summer, you still look FABULOUS!!! I had Rudy’s tail hots every day I was in Ooswego !
    Now that I have found a place out here, where I can buy Haddock, all I need is Rudy’s Texas Hot Sauce to help me from missing Oswego. See you next Summer. Say Hi to Pat and Jason.

  8. Keith R Gibson says:

    What can I say about Rudys? Started going there as a child. Ate my food and threw stones in the lake. Later moved to Pa. and when i would come back to Oswego to visit my grandmother I would bring one of my friends with me and then they would enjoy it. After moving to Oklahoma, I have taken my kids there every summer when we visit my parents in Oswego. There are certain things that bring backs warm memories, the movie theater, canales, stones candy and of course Rudys.

  9. Niel says:

    I was told about your place by members of my cousins race team Bob,Ray Larry,the Knopps and Abold’s. Both my wife and I were hooked the first time we ate there.Best fish fry we’ve ever had.We both love sea food.Sad it’s Jan. and wanted a great fish fry.Your name was the first to come to mind,sad to find out your only seasonal.We would have made the 260 mi. round trip.I guess we’ll have to wait until spring see you then.

  10. Robert Bullard says:

    I was born and raised in Oswego/Fulton area, moved to Florida when I was 15. Whenever I had a chance to come back to Oswego, I always made a trip (or two/three) to Rudy’s. My mother loved the Haddock “Fishtale Hot”, mine was the Texas Hot. She died last year in February, I plan to have Fishtale Hot sandwiches this month on the anniversary of her death to remember her. She loved eating at Rudy’s when we lived in N.Y. Thank you for all the memories and the great food. Hope to visit you soon.

  11. J. Dallas says:

    I was born in the Oswego area and I recall going with my maternal grandfather for the Texas hots. I still get back there once in a blue moon. Reminds of the past and simpler times.

  12. Liz Davis says:

    It isn’t summer untill we stop by Rudy’s and have ice cream by the lake.

  13. debbie says:

    we move from the area but everytime we come home for a vist we have to stop by to get some good fish an ff yumm . can nt wait to get it again.

  14. Daniel Bruce says:

    All I can say is that I have fond memories of this place, I’ve been here so many times since I was a child untill now. This was and still is the Bruce families favorite place to eat, I can remember after all the hard farm work we did, my grandfather would say, ” lets go celebrate by eating at the LOOP 🙂 ” What great childhood memories I have with my Dad and family, nothing like bailing hay and earning some good food and ice cream afterward. Oh how I miss them days. I’ve since moved away to Florida in the early 90’s I was 16 years old and my grand parents went home to be with Jesus around that time 🙁 I wish I could go back in time. I plan on taking my wife and five children to bring back some good ole memories of where I spent my childhood out in the country and watch them enjoy the delicious foods from the loop.

  15. Joy richardson says:

    Looking forward to eating at Rudys soon! Miss your fabul
    ous food, while I live in NC now.

  16. lori p says:

    Love rudys food!!! Is rudys open easter Sunday?

  17. Leslie says:

    My husband PJ is from Mexico, NY. We live in Deep South GA….Alma, GA. When we go north to visit his family (every 3 years), we eat everyday at The Loop. This is the only fish my 9 year old daughter will eat. I love the foot, the atmosphere, the scenery and the stories that my husband and his family sits around the picnic tables and tells while eating. Keep up the work! Hoping to see you on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives one of these days. Love ya’ll

    • Leslie says:

      Sorry…I love the food….not foot!

    • Mary C. Kitchens says:

      I too was born & raised in Oswego, now living in Georgia. Rudy’s was always the favorite place to eat that delicious fish,throw stones & have ice cream. I wish you had a branch down south somewhere. When my mother was alive, I would make a trip up once a year to see her. As soon as I hit town, I would head to Rudy’s first. Eat there several times while I was there, then make it my last stop before heading out. Now I don’t have to make the trip any more,and I really miss Rudy’s. Please consider opening a place down south. I’m sure it would be a success.

  18. Big Art Powers says:

    Love Rudy”s food, looking so forward to my return trip for a lil visit. 😉

  19. Wow! Our second Euro-Bike Ride-In was three times the size of the first year. Thanks to Rudy’s for being a great destination with great food! Rudy’s team worked with us to make sure we had everything we needed for our event. We estimate 85 motorcycles on field and many more came to see what the Ride-In was about.
    Thank you Rudy’s! Al Eckstadt and Jim Mignogna.

  20. Russ and Linda Bauer says:

    We found Rudy’s by accident because we took a wrong turn while in the area for a few days, best wrong turn we ever made, what a great place!!! The food was great, we hope to get back there again someday.

    Russ and Linda Bauer

  21. George Holbert says:

    I went to Rudy’s with a friend this past weekend,she said you have to try this place.The food was great.Now I want to go back again and try evrything.If you leave hungry it’s your own fault.I wish I lived close by.All they need is to play some old time music boy what a place.I give it an A.

  22. j daggett says:

    got a t-shirt from you about 20 yrs ago and its finally wearing out and would love to have another or a hat but can not find a place anywhere to order one or see what you have for sale,, please leave me know how I can buy some things,, just LOVED your food and the view,, SUPER place!!

  23. Lisa L says:

    I was introduced to Rudy’s while working in Fulton NY. What a great spot with forever views of the water and the horizon. Now that I have my own children, I bring them there often to enjoy the sunsets and the great food.

    My dad recently moved back to Syracuse after over 40 years and we plan to bring him their tonight for his 65th birthday. He has never been to Rudy’s. We will see you tonight!

  24. Terry Baker says:

    I was heart broken to see that you will be closed on Monday the 24th. We are just traveling through, but I was planning on making a stop at your place. Whenever I am in the area I go out of my way to eat at Rudy’s. Unfortunately, I don’t get back there very often. I was born the year you opened, and I can remember talking to Rudy and his partners as well as the hostess’s while waiting for our food. It was busy back then, but nothing like the last time I was there. Your food has no rivals. I am sure glad that Rudy didn’t sell to the college years ago when they wanted the property.
    Terry Baker (OHS ’64)

  25. Jack Mullin says:

    Born and raised in Fulton , four years ago my wife and I moved to Charleston , SC , it’s nice here , just no Rudy’s . Lots of people eat catfish down here , I don’t think they would if they tried haddock from Rudy’s , guess you can tell I really miss that place huh ?

  26. C.J. Behne says:


  27. D Pottinger says:

    I went to Rudy’s while a student at SUNY Oswego back in 1969-1971 before I transferred to Arizona State. It was a great place to go and have some food and a beer.

  28. Sven says:

    What precisely genuinely inspired you to create “Guestbook | Rudy’s Lakeside”? I reallyreally loved it! Thanks a lot -Viola

  29. Bob Fancher says:

    Today is March 11th. (2013) My wife Kathy has been talking about Rudy’s for a month. The season begins when they open. I hope it is soon. Maybe this weekend? Maggie our dog loves the ride. One of my sons Joey almost always goes along during the week. Friday nite just Mom and me.

    I can not wait much longer. It is a great stress reliever and great food and a great plus for Oswego.

    I’m going to try more stuff off the menu this year. It is hard to change when you find something you like – so I order more which I know I am not supposed to do.

  30. Pete Russell says:

    Rudy’s is the start of SPRING in Oswego NY

  31. Bob Fancher says:

    Opened yesterday!!!!!

  32. Fred Suppon says:

    Came to this area almost 40 years ago right after college. Haven’t missed a year yet that I didn’t make it to Rudy’s several times a season. Have been trying to duplicate their hot sauce for 20 years and I haven’t come close. Rudy’s is a great timeless tradition in a culture that doesn’t pay much attention to tradition any more. Thank God for Rudy’s, I know I do.

  33. Barb says:

    I’m celebrating St Pat’s day with you! As I’m alone this year, I will celebrate with the best Red Plate on the planet! No worries of centers or tails, my pieces will be perfectly done with fries and onion petals. And if you ever wonder why Rudy’s is so good, I can only say the breading is crisp, and the fish/haddock is moist. No soggy fish. Rudy’s Rules! Love you! See you shortly 🙂

  34. Janet Coons says:

    This was a great find on a simple Saturday drive my husband and I were on. Looking for a place to eat we had come across Rudy’s, now the proud owners of “Routie” our lab, we had to give you a try. The food was awesome and we will be back! Glad you had opened for the upcoming season. Lucky us! See you soon! The Coons’

  35. Sherry Winchell says:

    I try to visit every time i’m in Oswego! Love the food and the drive is worth it! Although it helps I have family in Oswego lol

  36. Dave and Rebecca says:

    Looking forward to our visit on Monday!!

  37. Suzanne Taylor says:

    Can’t wait until Friday the 17th to make my first visit of the year-my son goes to Oswego State and we move him out that day and it’s tradition to eat at Rudy’s both move-in day and move-out day-can’t wait for the best fish ever and a jar of your awesome texas hot sauce to bring home and enjoy!!!

  38. Bob Fancher says:

    We get there probably once a week or at lease 3 times a month. Live in Baldwinsville. Like the ride too.

    But – known to regulars – great Mac and Cheese and great Grilled Cheese sandwiches. Sounds funny for a fish place, but – sometimes that is the way it is!

    I consider myself a regular now after about 3 – 4 years of going there. And better than reasonable prices!

  39. Deborah Duhon says:

    I was at your restaurant last week and really enjoyed the food. I’ve been there many times when I was younger and still love the food.

  40. Russ Goldthwait says:

    Great food beautiful view of the lake and polite/friendly staff. Rudy’s is about the only place you can take the family go for a dip in the lake then enjoy a great meal. Our whole family love’s rudy’s lakeside and we are there all the time.

  41. Stewart Parmelee says:

    I Visit my Father every year, and I always stop at Rudy’s. I love the the fried Haddock and chips, I also like the fried clams. I love the food at Rudy’s.

  42. Andy Berry and my 3 Ninjaroonies says:

    I grew up locally and always went as a kid. Now I take my kids every year, starting out with our annual first day of summer rock skipping and first sunset behind Rudy’s (which is the best place to watch an Oswego sunset) We’ve always loved their food and they know we’ll always go next door and hit up Bev’s ice cream after. Tops off a perfect day with my kiddos. If you love good food, good ice cream, and are sky freaks like me and my ninjas then I’d definitely suggest venturing over.

  43. ben says:

    Been coming here for three years every Friday after my friend and I are done with work. A great place, good people,

  44. Martha Steinbach says:

    I brought my children and grandchildren to Rudy’s for lunch this afternoon on our way home from vacation. We live in NJ but I grew up in Oswego and we made a detour back there on our way home today, specifically to have coneys and fish and chips at the lake. I have not been back to the Loop in many years but was a regular at Rudy’s back in the 1950’s and 1960’s when Rudy was actually behind the counter. It is nice to know that some things mercifully never change. The drive-in itself looks like it did 50 years ago and the ambience, service and food are exactly the same (as good as) as they were then. Kudos for not messing with perfection.

  45. Michele Longo says:

    Hay Jason, not sure if you remember billy & I ? It’s been years hope all is well were still in Naples, but we get home every summer for about a month, we will have to stop out & see you !

  46. Chris Sirchia says:

    Can’t wait to get back after 20 years to get some GOOD food! But need to know how deep is the water at your dock?

  47. Michael Newton says:

    i love Rudy!!! been there every year since i ws a baby!!! I’s 35, ready to mindle this summer of 2015 for seafoods!!! glad it opened today!

    • tommy says:

      just bought a rudys texas hot spicebag from a local store.. i sure hope i can make it taste like theres cuz they have the best texas hot sause ive ever had… see you soon again rudys.

  48. George Bosse says:

    I was at Rudy’s two days ago with family and friends. This was the first time I had been in Oswego New York. The weather was awesome as well as the food. The biggest thing that caught my attention though was when I went back for ice cream and as I was ordering I noticed two young boys in the back folding the United States flag. It was absolutely great to see that there are still people in this country that respect our great nation. Thank you for a great time.

    George Bosse
    Oviedo , Florida.

  49. Dred Scott says:

    Hi! I have never been to this part of NYS before. I had some A/V work to do at the college and my contact said to go to Rudy’s for lunch. Sure glad I did! What a cool place! I can see from this guestbook there are a LOT of fans! I had a great burger and fries and I DID NOT feed the sea gulls! Oh, and NICE VIEW! I will certainly stop back if I ever get back up that way.

  50. Lauri says:

    I love going to study’s and look forward to it every year. We have moved four hours away. If I get the chance to get there at least once a year I do.

  51. Bev says:

    I was born in Oswego NY and what a beautiful area to be. Lots going on throughout the year. From parades to fishing on beautiful lake Ontario. But what I remember is Rudy’s Fish Stand. Going there when I was a kid to this day. Always great food and a very kind staff. My favorite is Scallops. Looking forward to spring 2016…..

  52. John Lewis says:

    A good friend of mine turned me on to your sauce last week, wow it’s really great. Can this be ordered online, I would love to get some for myself?

    John L.
    Buffalo, NY

  53. Freeman Smith says:

    This is the best !!! been a customer since mid 70’s with Brad and Carol being the terrific hosts…Miss seeing everybody but hope to make it up this summer from Keuka..Wishing you all the very best and continued success..You truly deserve it..

  54. Sean O'Shea says:

    My grandparents owned a camp on the lake until 1976. I go several times a year to walk the shoreline. Every visit is always topped off with a stop at Rudy’s. In fact anytime I’m near the area, I stop in. There are also times when I make the 90 minutes drive just to eat there. I can think of no other place I would rather eat.

  55. Shannon Rojek says:

    I’d like to give a huge shout out to Jamie. She made our ice cream and it seriously made my day with the ice cream sandwich dipped in chocolate sprinkles. Omg it was our first time eating here and certainly not the last. Thanks Jamie!

  56. Sandra says:

    I was a customer at Rudy’s growing up. After moving I would make a point of going there once every summer for the best Texas Hots ever. I would always buy a few jars of their hot sauce to take home. Now that I am 70 and live in Buffalo, I do not make it back anymore. I miss it so much.
    I was wondering if it is at all possible to mail your Texas hot sauce to me or give me the receipe so that I could try making it. I am no longer able to make the trip back and would love to have it for my Hoffman hot dogs. I am more than willing to pay for the shipping.
    Rudy’s is the best,,

  57. Jennifer says:

    We are from the fingerlakes, and we saw this place on the news with the travel guy. We were coming for vacation to Fair Haven, so my husband insisted on us trying this place out. And what can I say, the food was fantastic. I told my husband we need to try this place at least one more time before going home.
    Thanks Rudy’s
    Looking forward to visiting soon and having some great food.

  58. Pareicia Elliott- McGoskey says:

    We will be there in a Couple weeks! I take my 85 year mother out of the nursing home and bring her too, she has loved Rudys since they opened and brought us kids out there when we were young, Now it my turn to bring!

  59. L.Shafer says:

    I was there today for the first time in about 2 years. It is still the same, just more on the menu. I had the coney hot, salt potatoes and chocolate milk, Great Lunch! Best salt potatoes around, soft fluffy inside & HOT very good.
    Do you by chance have the Nutrition information on each item you offer? I checked your sight, but found nothing!
    Keep up the good work!
    PS does your fried cauliflower come with a cheese sauce for dipping?

  60. Carolyn Davis says:

    I used to go to Rudy’s ALL the time when we were younger. I live in Denton, TX now and I miss Rudy’s like crazy! Can’t wait to get home someday and get me some GREAT food. It’s the BEST ever.

  61. bruce casler says:

    That being said the food was great I suggest that anyone interested in going and having a little slice of Americana go to Rudy’s
    Just don’t forget to bring cash

  62. Rose Seavolt says:

    The memories! My grandmother and mother took us to Rudy’s for as long as I can remember. It used to be that we played in the water on the rocks. The terrain has changed much since I was a little girl. I moved to NY from Michigan to care for my grandmother in 1971. I worked at the Oswego Hospital (where I was born) and many nights after we finished working at 11:30p, we drove to the loop for fish! I believe your hours are not this late anymore. As I grew, married and had my own children, we came to the loop every time we came back to NY from Michigan (At least twice a year). I remember you selling me uncooked haddock with some breading in a bag so I could bring it with me to Michigan. 🙂 I am planning another trip to NY late September this year and Rudy’s is on our itinerary…at least once! Can’t wait! I love the service, the atmosphere, the food, the water…not so much the seagulls. LOL Thank you for your continued service to the Oswego / Fulton areas. For sure an iconic part of history for this region.

  63. NY Nickster says:

    I grew up going to Rudy’s in the 60’s. To say the quality has dropped is an understatement. I was in for a few days and made the requisite trip to the lakeshore for what I had hoped would be another classic blue plate special. I was so disappointed by receiving whitefish and skate instead of haddock and scallops. Other folks told me that you have to ask for haddock or you will be given the whitefish. Why is the price the same for inferior grade food? Another hometown memory gone.

  64. keith gibson says:

    Just wanted to thank the kids for keeping Rudys going.So many family businesses go down the tubes after the parents get out. I visit my mother once a year and we stopped at Rudys for lunch two of the 5 days i was home.Started going in the early 60’s. same place. same great food.Thank you

  65. Millie says:

    Good food, fun place. Please school the servers on interacting with patrons…middle counter server on Sat, April 21, around 6 – 6:30 asked if paying would be together or separate. I stated separate and he commented “What’s the matter? Don’t you like her?”’ That is totally rude, inappropriate, ignorant, uncomfortable and unnecessary. This server had been there about 3 months and can do better. Name tags would help identify servers, as they usually are the efficient, friendly ones we expect. Thank you.

  66. Elaine Sobkowicz Berdel says:

    I was at Rudy’s in about 1949. My family stayed in one of the cottages on the lake. I believe my mother who is now 106 is a cousin of the Rudy Gadziala who ran it back then. Still have a photo somewhere of the huge waves when we were there. I believe he had two sons, one, I remember, was named Joe. Wonder if he’s still running the place.

  67. Stu says:

    There’s nothing like enjoying a fresh haddock sandwich and a cold beer with friends while watching the beautiful sunset on the shore of Lake Ontario.

  68. Richard says:

    Been going to Rudy’s since the 50’s and it’s one of our family’s favorite eatery’s. Whenever our son and his family come home for a visit from MD we always make it to Rudy’s for a meal, usually the day they leave for home, even though it’s a little out of they way.

  69. Robert Molinari says:

    Miss you already!!!!!!!

  70. JK says:

    Like the changes at the counter, smooth & efficient.
    Food perfect as always. Service A+.
    1 complaint,
    It was uncomfortable listening to one of the fry cooks chastise the girl that put in my order for not pairing the sides with the fish sandwiches so he could plate the sides with the fish. Problem is that I ordered it that way on purpose and she was 100% correct. A little trust in the guys and girls dealing directly with the customers would be my strong recommendation.

  71. Tim Babcock says:

    I thought that I would drop you a quick line ,my dad Henry Babcock worked for Rudy when he first open the stand in 1946 I believe for quite a few years .
    He would tell me how much the food was back in those day.
    He became close friends with Rudy and his wife Marie they were great people.
    My 2 uncle’s ran the bar across the the street for many years it was called the White Horse my mom usebto go there with my dad in Saturdays they had Jam sessions there, I guess they really drew the crowds there.
    I thought I would pass this little bit if trivia to you .
    I am guite sure your mom remembers him.
    But once again thanks for the great food again you sure have kept up the tradition of Rudy’s.
    Oh by the way I use to pick you and your sister up on my school bus.
    I do believe that the Tripod live out there to.

    Once again thanks for another great season.
    Tim Babcock

  72. Susan Godfrey-Clark says:

    Rudy’s our historic site for Oswego when we talk to our family in Tennessee.Every time they come up here we take them there and have the best experiences and memories ever!
    Going to Rudy’s always brightens our day no matter what has happened.We just Have to go there when they are open.The food is always good-the best tasting fish around and the scallops and clams are out of this world good.
    I have been going there since the first owners and will continue as long as they are open.
    They are awesome and let us take rocks to paint.We have even returned a few with color.

  73. Tim Babcock says:

    Well another year has come and it’s closing time for you and your employees it’s sad but all of you need just about a 7 month rest.
    I just want to tell you that I really enjoyed myself at RUDYS .
    The food was exceptional as always,and all of your employees were fantastic.
    God willing I hope to see all of you in the spring of 2020 as the business begins it’s 74 yrs correct me if I am wrong.
    But enjoy your time off. And you and you and your whole family be safe on your time off.

  74. jim wallace says:

    Yesterday “Around the LOOP.” In 1950 when I was just 7 years old I remember my first trip around the loop. There were two of the best hamburger stands in the area. Mulcahey’s and Rudy’s, Both served the same menu of fish, burgers, fries and a special hot dog, called “Texas Hots.” If one stand had too long a line we’d just switch over to the other one heck it smelled so good to wait. Every year we make sure we get there at least 9 or ten times even though we travel from Syracuse since 1968. Jason who as a youngster watched his parents tuen this little stand intoma landmark has continued to grow but has thoughts of turninbg it into a suoer restaurant in a few years. He has the charisma and the ability to make his patrons feel lie family. I know of friends that come back to Oswego from allover the country and one of their aims is to nake it “AROUND THE LOOP TO RUDY’S for that special hit from their past. With me it’s a Texas hot and a cheeseburger hot fries and a chocolate milk. Thanks Jason and stay with it we need to continue ourtripback to yesterday.kid wac

  75. Ken Garno says:

    Have been enjoying Rudy’s since the 1960’s. Going today on my 75th birthday and will keep coming back.

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